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#SoPro Race of the Week: De Ronde


Flanders looms large, with this Sunday bringing the second Monument of 2017. Sagan, Boonen, and a flying van Avermaet collide with history.  Continue reading “#SoPro Race of the Week: De Ronde”


2017 Barry-Roubaix: Stephens, Williams Win Soaking Titles


We hope blinking through an unbelievable amount of sand to read this is worth it.But probably not.  Continue reading “2017 Barry-Roubaix: Stephens, Williams Win Soaking Titles”

A Word on Roubaix with Brad White

There’s a reason so many races toss ‘Roubaix’ onto their event. The name sets a tone. It’s a real, physical place, of course; but it’s an attitude, and a blurring image of cobbles, mud, and grit makes it seem like a dream. In 2014, Brad White went to France for the biggest one-day race on the professional calendar. This is his story. 
1. When did you find out you had been picked by UHC to race at Paris-Roubaix? How much specific training did you do?

Continue reading “A Word on Roubaix with Brad White”

Now Is A Really Good Time To Change Everything On Your Bike Before Barry-Roubaix

The first group on the railtrail in Paris

Bike shops across the Midwest rush to assure local cyclists that it’s a great time for a new everything ahead of a wet Barry-Roubaix.  Continue reading “Now Is A Really Good Time To Change Everything On Your Bike Before Barry-Roubaix”

2017 Melting Mann Race Recap


The biggest turnout yet for the Melting Mann saw the deepest field as well. Increase in quantity and quality ratcheted up the stakes of a race that, until now, was a Barry-Roubaix tune up race. Now, this is a lofty goal in its own right. Continue reading “2017 Melting Mann Race Recap”

2017 Melting Mann Race Preview


The 2017 gravel season gets under way in Vandalia just one week ahead of Barry-Roubaix.  Continue reading “2017 Melting Mann Race Preview”

What Category Mountain Biker Are You?

What MTB Category should you register for?

A few years back, kolo t.c. received a lot of attention (some of it litigatory) about sandbagging. Well, we now have a #SCIENCE answer.  Continue reading “What Category Mountain Biker Are You?”

#SoPro Race of the Week: Milan-San Remo

Cycling : 104th Milan - Sanremo 2013

We’re finally to the first Monument of the season, folks. Milan-San Remo is on deck, and we take a look at the race, the favorites, and when you can tune in.  Continue reading “#SoPro Race of the Week: Milan-San Remo”

2017 Paris-Nice Stage 8 and Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 5 Final Kilometers

st8 rollout - think the riders laughing at the odd places they find me hiding!!

Two of the best stages of the young season happened just a few hours apart this morning. In case you missed one, the other, or both, here are the final kilometers.  Continue reading “2017 Paris-Nice Stage 8 and Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 5 Final Kilometers”

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