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BEE’s Eight Weeks To Iceman: A Case For Structured Training

For years, riders in Traverse City queue up and elbow for prime spots in Lauri Brockmiller’s Eight Weeks to Iceman. With riders like Nick Wierzba, Tim Pulliam and others making huge improvements from the structured program, we thought October a prime time to see what all those riders are doing in “The Hive” right now ahead of not just Iceman, but Peak2Peak in two weeks.

Continue reading “BEE’s Eight Weeks To Iceman: A Case For Structured Training”

Uncle John’s Dirty Ride: Donuts and Dust


It’s one of the best races of the year, and not just because they have donuts. That doesn’t hurt, though.  Continue reading “Uncle John’s Dirty Ride: Donuts and Dust”

2017 Arcadia Grit’n’Gravel: White Wins Drag Race, Patterson Cruises


The 2017 Arcadia Grit’n’Gravel was a drag race, and that certainly suits former world beater and current heartthrob Brad White of Velo City Cycles.  Continue reading “2017 Arcadia Grit’n’Gravel: White Wins Drag Race, Patterson Cruises”

Murderous May In TC


It’s obviously the hip thing to do, and local racers will take on a Murder’s Row of racers in May for 2017.  Continue reading “Murderous May In TC”

2017 Melting Mann Race Recap


The biggest turnout yet for the Melting Mann saw the deepest field as well. Increase in quantity and quality ratcheted up the stakes of a race that, until now, was a Barry-Roubaix tune up race. Now, this is a lofty goal in its own right. Continue reading “2017 Melting Mann Race Recap”

US Fat Bike Nationals Shaping Up To Be Best Cyclocross Race Of The Year

Jorden Wakeley (Lamere) at last weekend’s Fat Chance! at Crystal Mountain

If the US Cyclocross National Championships were a bit of a snooze fest, don’t worry. The sequel is going to be way, way better. And also fatter.  Continue reading “US Fat Bike Nationals Shaping Up To Be Best Cyclocross Race Of The Year”

Wasp Protest Postpones SOL World Championships


The following is an open letter from a disgruntled wasp. The suicide note was found just hours after the wasp delivered a stinging political protest that ultimately led to the postponement of the much anticipated SOL World Championships.  Continue reading “Wasp Protest Postpones SOL World Championships”

2016 Speed of Light World Championships Preview


It’s Wakeley’s jersey for the taking, but who will challenge? Continue reading “2016 Speed of Light World Championships Preview”

Speed of Light Vuelta Competition Finale: Wakeley Looks To Hold Red


Wakeley holds the lead with just one stage left of the Vuelta.  Continue reading “Speed of Light Vuelta Competition Finale: Wakeley Looks To Hold Red”

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