Real fans know there is more to being a cyclist than the trophies, the double-kisses on the podium, and the accolades of winning races. Even victories at the Iceman, or Cherry-Roubaix, or Mud, Sweat and Beers, offer no guarantee of a lasting legacy. Only a special few have earned the following nicknames. Their accomplishments as riders and as people cannot be measured in terms of wins or podiums or even finishes. These are legends of the bike, all from Michigan. These names shall never die.


Andreise, Steve. “The Man Who Refuses To Shift”, “Doctor Pain”


Barrons, Tim. “The Lion of Leelanau County”, “Darth Barrons”

Beebe, Thomas. “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Bean-Larson, Dennis. “The Fixed Gear Wizard”

Beauregard, Barb. “La Petite Princess” a la Damiano Cuenego 

Bottrell, Tim. “Timbo Slice”

Brockmiller, Lauri. “The Rock of Gibraltar”

Brown, Steve. “Iceman”


Conway, Keith. “Domestic Diva”, “Le Mouffle”

Craven, Jeff. “El Diablo”


Fisher, Chris. “Squatch”


Gaff, Joel. “The Condor of Maple Street”

Gibbs, Ross. “The Chosen One”

Howard, Michelle. “The Widower Maker”

Howard, Scott. “El Cabrito du Nord” (The Little Goat of the North)

Humpula, Mickey. “Murder”


Jenema, Tim. “Le Blaireu”, (The Badger)


Kingsbury, Trever. “Krossbury”

Krikki, Kati. “KK47”




Martindale, Jill. “Bill Fartindale”

Musto, Danielle. “Fatty Musto”, “The Queen of Fat Biking”


Okma, Mike. “The Hagerty Hammer”

O’Neil, Dan. “Fabi-Dan O’Cancellara” a la Fabian Cancellara

O’Neil, Riley. “The Kid”, “El Pistolero”


Picotte, Jim. “Sex, Beer, Bikes”


Reeves, Zoe. “La Campionissma” (The Champion)

Ryan, Amanda. “Darth Visor”, “The Siren”

Ryba, Melissa. “La Torita” (The Little Bull)


Sanborn, Ron. “El Chaba” (The Bad One)

Savickis, Emily. “Awesome Badass”

Schmidt, Johanna. “Johanna Banana”

Schmidt, Ty. “The Maple Syrup Bandit”

Simonson, Mike. “The Simonster”

St. Onge, Nate. “Natron”

Sovis, Joe. “Giuseppe”, “Il Pirata”

Sovis, Wes. “Il Divo”, “The God of Thunder”, “The King of Karlin”


Vanias, Alex. The Lion of Leroy”

Vigland, Susan. “Garbs”


Wakeley, Jorden. “The Giant of Grayling”, “Tower of Power”

Whittaker, Arianne. “Ari-Jet” a la Alessandro Pettachi, 

Whittaker, Jason. “The Man In Black”

Woodring, Mackenzie. “Big Ring”


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