Wade Burch Captures American History At Fat Bike Nationals

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Wade Birch went to Fat Bike Nationals and all you get are these incredible photos of the race. Wow, it feels like just yesterday we were huddled together for warmth, scanning the rolling and undulating hills of Indian Trails Golf Course to see some speck of color dancing away to victory. We were so young, so full of life. We believed in something, we believed you could have a good time without any snow, without any mountains, without adjacent parking (unless you had a VW), without any rules except maybe 3.8″ tires or wider. That seemed like a good rule. Necessary.

Wade, thank you. All you photographers, thank you. All of you fans, volunteers, promoters, wives, husbands, girlfriends, casual acquaintances, drivers inconvenienced by fat bikers crossing Kalamazoo Avenue, the Panera Bread that I accidentally tracked mud into, the riders who travelled from all over the GREAT NATION of ours, and Alaska, really, everybody.

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