Jolly Pumpkin Pedal: Tons Of Fun For, Get This…Free

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The Jolly Pumpkin plays host to a new group ride for all types of riders. 

As if you needed another reason to go ride on Old Mission this weekend, the Pumpkin Pedal will make its debut. With spring looking spotty at best, the ride is a brilliant opportunity to get in some miles with your pals.

The ride will have two distances to choose from, both of which with leave Jolly Pumpkin Sunday, April 21. The 20 mile route, which heads out at 12.30, is mostly flat and is perfect for those looking for an easy paced, relaxed ride before returning for some brews, prizes and fun back at the restaurant. The group will be back in plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon.

The 40 mile route will take on the full Old Mission Loop that Tuesday Night Worlds enthusiasts know and love. The pace will be quicker, but will be totally up to the group’s discretion. Einstein’s Elite team is planning on using part of the loop for their Sunday base mile ride, adding solid numbers for what looks to be a big group heading out for a great ride.

Prizes afterward include Jolly Pumpkin swag, Einstein Cycles gift cards and logo gear, plus various high-fives and well-dones. The drawing for the goods starts at 3pm, so if you want the cool stuff, you’ll have to hang around. It won’t be hard to do.

For more information, check the event’s page on the Facebook. 


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