In the unending search for Rapha employment, please enjoy this suck-up post.

Rapha is cool. You know that. And if you’re cool, too, you’ve been following along with Behind the Barriers for the past three years. It’s a very professional, high-end production by Sam Wiley as he follows around friend and world-class cyclocrosser Jeremy Poweres. J-Pow is an ADD-riddled knucklehead who keeps the show entertaining, but it’s the all-star cast of cyclocross cameos that really make BtB something to get jazzed about. The crew has run into every CX personality worth meeting in the past few season, and the quality of the episodes have steadily increased.

The show is a regular at the shop, so if you ever need to catch up, stop by, pull up a seat and get enough J-Pow to make you vomit, and enough Julie Krasniak to make you shower, brush your teeth and start riding your bike in an effort to win a pro contract and meet her. Happened to Yours Truly.

Here’s the latest episode.

Behind THE Barriers Season 3 Episode 11 from Behind THE Barriers on Vimeo.


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