2013 OtS-kolotc.com Kit Order: Be A Part Of The Future, Not History

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That’s right. Things just cranked up to eleven.

Over the Shoulder Racing has teamed up with kolo t.c. to support a cycling squad for the 2013 season. Inspired by the thrill of riding and with aspirations of keg domination, the OtS-kolotc.com squad is offering up the official team kit at cost for four days.

The kits are being supplied by Pactimo, a US company that is probably most famous for making the TOLaw kits in 2011. The Continental jersey provides an athletic fit with some relaxed cuts where it counts. The team will also have bibs, arm warmers and a light jacket almost specifically selected for the Iceman Cometh and Barry-Roubaix.

For 2013, the roster includes a number of world-beaters and legends of the sport. For contract reasons, the official announcement will be held until the end of January. If you’d like to be considered for the team, please utilize the Contact page above. If you’d like to skip the BS, just order the darn kit. Congrats, you’re the Captain, or Vice Roy or whatever you’d like to be.

To view the kit, click the pdf file below. Remember, there is a $10,000 order limit, so please use your credit card and keep it under $9,999.


You can order online using at the Team Store here, using the Team Password:


The store will close later this week to ensure that the team’s kits are on time for Inside Out Cross #2 and Barry-Roubaix. If you haven’t registered for Barry-Roubaix, slots are limited.


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