2013 New Year’s Fat Bike Adventure

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It’s a tradition now. And it’s a really big deal. 

Einstein Cycle’s New Year’s Day Ride has turned into a rather serious affair. Twenty-seven fat bike enthusiasts rallied at the crack of 11am to take on a 20 mile loop of wilderness bush-whacking.

Even after two weeks of dedicated trail clearing and snowshoeing to pack down the trail, there were multiple sections that were completely unrideable. Running, pushing and walking bikes, the group’s numbers dwindled slowly under the strain of the deep snow. A number of brave 29ers were forced back five miles in, while even some on fat bikes turned around a short time later.

For those that battled on, the pace dipped to a slow walk. Once into the Supply Road parking lot of the singletrack loop, the survivors were treated to excellent conditions. Winding trails, rolling terrain and all rideable, the return leg of the journey was a relief and a joy for those who had soldiered on. Fueled by homemade, still-warm chocolate chip cookies and the hunger for the unknown, the band of fat bikes wound around back to the VASA parking lot after nearly four and a half hours, with roughly three and half of that actually moving.

Strava informationHere’s the from astride a Surly Moonlander outfitted with Bud and Lou, 4.8″ tires that proved perfect for the backwoods.



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