Adventure Riding. It’s Good For You.

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The dream to work at Rapha continues with this month’s Regurgitation Post. 

The Rapha Continental did an absolutely wonderful job last year bring some simply amazing rides to the people. Riding in exotic places most in the world would never have even heard of, they’ve brought us some unforgettable images from truly majestic rides.

The last jaunt took on the Ickniel Way in England. Ickniel Way is has a special place in kolo lore, as it provided the setting for a fictional short story that received rave reviews. But in the Rapha video, riders bring the long stretch of ancient road that ties together England throughout its ages.

kolo t.c. is looking to establish two rides next summer echoing the majesty and expanse of the Ickniel Way route. Stay tuned for two, that’s right two double century rides next summer. Be ready, be vigilant, and be classy.


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