The 2012 kolo Awards are just a few weeks away. And here are the categories…

For the first time on this website, we’ll have the year end awards for cycling and cyclists in the state of Michigan. Published last year for GTMBA, this year the awards hit kolo t.c. with many of the same categories and a few new ones. While it’s mostly for fun and only mildy serious, it offers cyclists and organizations the chance to be recognized for their efforts in promoting cycling and for excellence in the sport.

This year, readers have the chance to email and comment nominees from today until December 10th. Nominees will be put into a pool of candidates and selected based on their results, their attitude and their efforts in 2012. They don’t get any money, prizes or even bananas. They all certainly deserve just a bit of digital ink for all their hard work, even if it’s just on a lowly blog.

The following categories are up for grabs.

Pro Cyclist of the Year-Male
Pro Cyclist of the Year- Female

Michigan Cyclist of the Year-Male
Michigan Cyclist of the Year-Female

Most Combative Rider-Male
Most Combative Rider-Female

Cyclocrosser of the Year-Male
Cyclocrosser of the Year-Female

Gentleman of the Year-Male
Gentlewoman of the Year-Female

Youth Rider of the Year-Male
Youth Rider of the Year-Female

The Gentleman and Gentlewoman awards will be given to those that exemplify good sportsmanship, clean participation, and a positive and encouraging attitude that keep and attract people to cycling. In all reality, these are the most important awards possible to earn.

We will also deliberate on some non-individual awards, as well.

Best Mountain Bike Event

Best Road Event

Best Cyclocross Event

Team of the Year

Style File Award for Best Kit

Photo of the Year

Please feel invited and encouraged to nominate candidates for all of the awards via email, Facebook and by commenting below from now until December 10. The winners will be announced over the week before Christmas.