2012 Men’s Top Banana Competition Final Results

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It’s over, folks, and the King of the Roubaix now has a healthy supply of potassium.

Fought since March and over varied terrain, the inaugural edition of the Top Banana Competition has finally come to a fitting conclusion. After a dominating performance all season, Mike Anderson will go down in the annals of history as the first ever winner of the illustrious Top Banana Award.

His first race of the season set the tone. His Barry-Roubaix victory gave him a solid lead early, and his points on the road gave him some healthy separation from the likes of John Cowan, Chad Wells and a storming Jorden Wakeley. It was then more than fitting that Anderson capped 2012 with a 4th place in the biggest race of the season, the Iceman Cometh.

Here’s the points haul:

1   316 Sam Schultz 50
    2   347 Geoff Kabush 49   
    3   299 Brian Matter 48
    4   242 Michael Anderson 47
    5   319 Ben Sonntag 46
    6   346 Derek Zandstra 45
    7   334 Jorden Wakeley  44
    8   345 Cole House      43
    9   336 Troy Wells      42
   10   282 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski  41
   11   303 Adam Morka    40
   12   315 Tristan Schouten 39
   13   256 Colin Cares 38
   14   305 Isaac Neff  37
   15   307 Mike Phillips  36
   16   294 Mark Lalonde    35
   17   318 Mike Simonson   34
   18   342 Travis Woodruff 33
   19   273 Tyler Gauthier  32
   20   350 Brad Cole       31
   21   348 Cameron Jette   30
   22   268 Russell Finsterwald 29
   23   331 Alex Vanias      28
   24   326 Christian Tanguy 27
   25   238 Matt Shriver     26
   26   280 Scott Hoffner     25
   27   269 Chris Fisher      24
   28   312 Ben Renkema      23
   29   265 Drew Edsall      22
   30   260 John Cowan       21

Wakeley’s 7th place was more than enough to stay high atop the points standings and put an emphatic mark on an unbelievable 2012 season. The Einstein Racing phenom will be even more dangerous next year with a focus on cross country races instead of his normal 100 milers early on. John Cowan and Chad Wells were solid all year long for NCCS, while Alex Vanias, Mac Brennan and Nate Williams helped Anderson represent BISSELL in a big, big way.

Please applaud from your seat…Here’s the Top 25.

Mike Anderson at 154 points
Jorden Wakeley at 137 points
Alex Vanias at 82 points
John Cowan at 81 points
Nathaniel Willams at 78 points
Chris Fisher at 74 points
Brian Matter at 67 points
Scott Hofner at 67 points
Derek Graham at 66 points
Mike Simonson at 66 points
Cole House at 63 points
Chad Wells at 55 points
Sam Schultz at 50 points
Geoff Kabush at 49 points
Ben Sontagg at 46 points
Derek Zandstra at 45 points
Troy Wells at 42 points
JHK at 41 points
Adam Morka at 40 points
Sven Baumann at 40 points
Mac Brennan at 39 points
Colin Cares at 38 points
Adam York at 38 points
Dan Korienek at 37 points
Alexey Vermuellen at 36 points
Mark Lalonde at 36 points

Ben Renkema at 36 points
Earl Hillaker at 35 points
John Card at 35 points

A massive congratulations to Mike Anderson, Jorden Wakeley and Alex Vanias on their Banana podium. A special nod to Vanias, who used a resilient ride after a mechanical to overtake John Cowan and hop into the top three at the Iceman. Thanks for reading, Dear Readers, and stay tuned later this winter for the announcement of ten (10, count’em) race stops for the series next year.


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