Foto Friday: The Importance of Julie Krasniak

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So you’d like cyclocross to become a BFD in the US? It’s up to this lady.

We’ve got Jeremy Powers. His Behind the Barriers is the best marketing tool for the sport possibly, aside from simply trying a cyclocross race. Do a race. You’ll get it. After about three minutes and a beer hand-up, and a few laps through cheering fans and a face plant into the mud, the whole cyclocross thing will be in your blood because you have spilled a little.

But to get more women into the sport, they need someone to look to as an example. In order to turn the women mountain bikers, roadies and just-for-fun folks on to ‘cross, they need to know it’s cool, it’s hip, and it’s a blast. And no woman is having as much fun in a ‘cross race as Julie. She oozes cool, has hipness in spades and rides for the coolest team in the world, Rapha-FOCUS. She’s a muddy version of Emily Batty. She’s the most marketable athlete in the sport, and that’s above the chattering J-Pow, too.


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