3″ wide tires and 29″ wheels. Is this the perfect Iceman Cometh bicycle?

Maybe. But Surly, the company that blazed the crap out of the Fat Bike trail, has another great niche bike on offer. The Krampus is a skinny-fat bike with 29+ wheels. It gets the benefit of some serious tire width without the massive weight of a true fat bike. While it’s not going to be coasting over the snow, it would be a massive advantage in the sand. Even with some decent rain over the past week, the sand pit that is the Iceman course is going to be Venice Beach-level by November. The Krampus is the best balance between buoyancy and speed, though if the sand gets worse, the fat bike will be a veritable¬†Excalibur. That’s a pretty good thing to have, you know.


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