There are three things that are so thoroughly French that people can’t help but say bonjour at their mention: the Eiffel Tower, baguettes and LOOK bicycles. 

The French have a tendency to take long lunches, smoke too much and wearing striped clothes, but goodness can they make an attractive bicycle. Look went from making ski bindings to pedals to full bikes, eventually supplying pro teams like the very French squad Cofidis and its very French riders like David Moncoutie. The 695 IPACK is the team issue rig, one of the best of any race and a ride worthy of a Tour win one day…Or surely the French hope so. Imagine, if you would, what the country would do if a French rider would win the Tour of France on a French bicycle. The nation would simply shut down.

The 695 IPACK’s frame and design was actually developed and tested heading into the Beijing Olympics before being put into full production before the 2010 Tour. It’s a very handsome, expensive and thoroughly French bicycle. All it is missing is some kind of baguette holder and a man with a handlebar mustache.


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