God Bless The Tifosi: Giro 2012 T-Shirts

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In the past, people have gasped at the declaration: My favorite bike race is the Giro. I love the Tour. I squeal at the Ronde. I’ve speak French the entire week before Paris-Roubaix. I can tell you all the turns at La Redoute. But my goodness, I love the Giro.

There is something thoroughly so perfectly over the top about the Giro. Climbs? Throw in too many. Throw in the biggest ones in the country. If there’s snow up there, so much the better. In fact, if there’s an active volcano, race up that as well. Sprint stages? Make them impossibly long, and make them wind and twist along the coast, showing off the seaside towns and cobbled streets and the women in too-short-of-skirts sipping espresso with their backs turned to the race. No big deal. That’s Italian.

So in 2012, kolo tc is celebrating the Giro with a maglia rosa inspired t-shirt. Subtle, stylish, pink and somehow perfect. It’s a very limited run. It’s going to sell out by the time you finish reading this. Don’t worry, there will also be stickers.










Shirts are $23, 3″ x 3″ Giro stickers are $3. Send an email to cody.sovis@gmail.com to reserve your shirt now.


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