Teaser Tuesday: MCipollini RB1000

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If “The Lion King” himself is going to put his name on a bike, it had better be three things: Fast, attractive and thoroughly Italian. Check, check and check. 

Cipo’s bike line ranges from the expensive to the very expensive. He has produced Ferrari’s and Lambo’s, not minivans or pick-ups. The RB1000 is basically a rather shiny, light piece of super strong carbon with, you guessed it, deep carbon wheels to match. It comes with Dura-Ace Di2, 3T bars and stem, and a matte black Selle Italia saddle that is worth the some other bikes by itself.

There is something so perfectly insane about extravagance of a bike this nice that screams Italy, style and zebra-print bike shorts. Cipo was one to hop of his bike on a training ride and buy $1,000 leather loafers, only to stick them in his kit and keep on riding. The MCipollini has the elegance of a street side cafe mixed with the ferocity of an angry mob boss. To be frank, it is a beautiful bicycle.


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