UCI Mountain Biking Men’s and Women’s Replays

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If you couldn’t quite drag yourself up at 5.20am this morning to tune into the Women’s first World Cup stop of the season, we might assume you missed the Men’s race at 7.50 as well. And ‘missed’ would be the operative term if the wonderful people at extreme.com weren’t such amazing human beings. Within minutes of the conclusion of each race, they had the full broadcast prepared for replay access.

The women’s race is an exceptionally shot. For the replay, know that the race doesn’t actual start until about 10 minutes into the video, and the audio is delayed a further four minutes. It picks up in both reality and quality as the race goes on with the participation of Simon Burney as the color man. Enjoy that video right here.

The men’s race was a shoot-out, though not with the cast we expected. After a strong start, World Champion Jaroslav Kulhavy faded in the South African heat, making way for surging teammate and local boy Burry Stander. Stander, wearing the South African champion’s jersey, battled with Nino Schurter for most of the race, taking turns and battling for the entire hour and a half race. All the men’s action is right here. 



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