The much-talked about and hyped new section added to the 2012 Barry-Roubaix has been revealed, filmed and shared with the world! Race promoter Rick Plite set out to record the sandy, tricky new section of the famed Barry-Roubaix last weekend, and has collected some valuable scouting information for riders too far or too low on gas funds to pre-ride the addition.

As is obvious in the video, the section is sandy. With 1,536 bikes heading through, it is going to be a veritable quagmire. For riders with glorious intent, getting into this section in the first few places will allow for a clear view and better line selection. The section comes at a point where some separation should definitely have taken place, meaning at least racers won’t be barreling onto E. Sager in a group of 500 or more.

There is some serious time on this section of the course. Good climbers and strong riders should be able to break up larger groups and turn this into a very important and selective part of the race. For the many people simply hanging on by this point, however, it is going to be tough, but no tougher than any other part of this challenging race.

The video also gives a look at the new Founders Alger jerseys in action. Yours Truly would call them dapper.